About Us

Over the years our own personal travels always involved checking out the Op Shops to find books or clothing (when the weather changed dramatically or when a fancy dress party was scheduled), or just looking for the odd bargain. We also kept our eyes and ears open for any entertainment that might be worth attending. This usually involved visiting countless numbers of information centres or searching online to find this information, which can be time consuming and sometimes quite frustrating.

For quite a while I had been thinking, “wouldn’t it be handy to have all this information in one spot?” Hence Wot2do!

Even though it had been an idea for a few years, it only eventuated because this year I had some spare time.
It is a work in progress, with information added as time permits; (we do need a social life as well), but I can see the site being fairly comprehensive within a year.

One of the main criticisms of sites like these is that the information is not always reliable. In that regard I  intend to personally contact relevant organisations to verify details before listing them.
The progress will be slow initially, finding and checking the sites. Naturally the job becomes so much easier if we get feedback on incorrect information or details of sites not currently listed. So, any help would be most appreciated.

The aim of this site is NOT to produce a listing of ALL of the Op Shops or Festivals or Events in Australia, but to provide a comprehensive, RELIABLE guide to as many as possible. We hope to provide that.

In the meantime, enjoy the site and let me know what you think.