Below are some commonly asked questions, that may help you understand this website:

How do I search for Op Shops in a particular area?
Go to the Op Shops page and then the map search menu. To display stores within your area, please enter a Location (town/suburb), Organisation (optional), a Search Radius (optional), then click on the Search icon. From the list generated click on any shop to see it’s relevant information.

How accurate is the information for the op shops or events?
Because Op Shops mainly rely on volunteers, the trading hours can change quite often, particularly with the smaller stores, so be aware that this may occur, even on a day to day basis. Similarly with events. It is advisable to check that event’s website for more up-to-date information.

How do I search for Events in a particular area?
Go to the Festivals & Events page and then the search options. It is possible to search through the database using appropriate filters. The default search is for “All” which returns everything within that category.
You can confine the search for particular options to make the search faster and more relevant.
For example, a search for “Display All” in all categories would return thousands of events throughout Australia, while a search for ‘Music Festivals’ in ‘Qld’ in ‘May’ with ‘Camping’ may only return six events, and that is probably all you may be looking for.

How do I search for FREE events?
Set the Cost drop-down filter to Free, then select the other filters as appropriate.
The results can then be sorted alphabetically in each column by clicking on that column header.
The complete details of any event can then be viewed by clicking on ‘View Details’.
Please note: Although these events are ‘free’ to enter, there may be additional costs at some venues that have to be taken into account.

How are the festivals and events listed?
Categories: Events have been put into categories that generally reflect what they about, but it may happen that an event can be covered by several categories, eg. Childers Cultural Festival involves musical acts, entertainment, games, parades, stalls etc.
Cost: The cost for an event can vary so that the minimum amount mentioned may only be a day entry fee for a Sunday, for a weekly event costing hundreds of dollars. Some events have free activities in a park or street but charge to enter certain venues. Common sense and further checking is advised. As a general guide, $ signifies cost up to $50, $$ signifies cost up to $100, $$$ signifies cost over $100. “Free +” indicates that some events are free but some are ticketed events.
Age: Most of the events are applicable for All ages, but some are really only suitable for the 18-35 age group where crowds and noise may be a factor. Some events are only suitable for Adults (mainly for the consumption of alcohol) and some are restricted to 18+, and this has been noted where possible.
Camping: The range of camping can be quite diverse, from tents to large RVs, so check with the event’s website to see what is available.

Are all the events held every year?
Most of the events are held annually, with some held biennially and some biannually. Anything not annual is mentioned in the event description.

Are the events held at the same time every year?
In most cases they are, although quite a few are held over Easter when the dates vary.

Do you list every event in Australia?
No. That would be an impossible task (for us at least). We only cover those events that are ongoing, popular and of particular interest.

How often is the information checked or updated?
We will endeavour to check all the sites for accuracy every 12 months or so. Naturally, any feedback to help with this process will be gratefully appreciated.

What if I find some incorrect information?
Please go to our feedback page and notify us of the information.

Can I add an op shop or event that is not listed?
Certainly. Go to our feedback page and send us the information.

Can I send feedback on any op shop or event?
Sure, we welcome any information, whether it be site details or even photos. Go to our feedback page.
By sending feedback you can help provide a reliable and comprehensive source of information for many others looking to save a dollar, or find an interesting venue to attend.

Is it advisable to check the details of an event prior to turning up?
Most definitely. In most cases there is a link to a website for that particular event. There you would find much more information than is provided here. Remember, this is only a guide and should be treated as such.